How To Cover Cake With Fondant


  1. Prepare cake by lightly covering with buttercream icing. Fondant amounts to cover cakes
  2. Before rolling out fondant, knead it until it is a workable consistency. If fondant is sticky, knead in a little confectioners’ sugar.
  3. Lightly dust your smooth work surface or the Roll & Cut Mat and your rolling pin with confectioners’ sugar to prevent sticking.
  4. Roll out fondant sized to your cake. To keep fondant from sticking, lift and move as you roll. Add more confectioners’ sugar if needed.105
  5. Gently lift fondant over rolling pin or slip cake circle under fondant to move; position on cake.106
  6. Shape fondant to sides of cake with Easy-Glide Smoother. We recommend using the Smoother because the pressure of your hands may leave impressions on the fondant.
  7. Beginning in the middle of the cake top, move the Smoother outward and down the sides to smooth and shape fondant to the cake and remove air bubbles. If an air bubble appears, insert a pin on an angle, release air and smooth the area again.
  8. Use the straight edge of the Smoother to mark fondant at the base of cake.
  9. Trim off excess fondant using a spatula or sharp knife.107

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