Chocolate Bicycle Cake


  1. I started out by frosting a cake with cream frosting.91
  2. For different basic cake recipes, click on the links: Eggless Vanilla Cake or Eggless Malai Vanilla Cake
  3. The main focus of my cake will be my chocolate bicycle. Use whatever colors you’d like–my  bike is piped with pink, black & white chocolate coating.
  4. For your template, you can draw your own bicycle, print one off of clip art online. You’ll want to tape your template to a cake board or cookie sheet, and then tape a piece of parchment on top of it.
  5. Next, melt your chocolate & put into your piping bags.
  6. I used white chocolate, dark chocolate and for pink color, I used Liposoluble pink color (baker’s ville).92
  7. Trace your bicycle with chocolate.
  8. After outlining the bicycle once, I went over it once again.  This is optional, but the thicker your chocolate decoration, the more sturdy it will be.
  9. Once your piping is finished, place in the freezer for a few minutes or just until firm.(It would firm up at room temperature too, but it would take longer & would be more fragile when placing on the cake.
  10. Once the bicycle is nice and firm, run your hand gently beneath the waxed paper to release it.93
  11. You’ll notice that your bike has a smooth side and a bumpy, more textured side. Choose your favorite and then flip it over to apply dots of buttercream here and there to the back.  It’s best to handle your chocolate pieces while still cold.
  12. Now fix this bicycle shaped chocolate on your cake.

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