Eggless Dual Heart Fondant Cake

This cake I made for my anniversary. 14 years of togetherness.

I started cooking only after my marriage. My husband always inspires and appreciates my preparations. I made Eggless dual fondant Cake. I got this idea by seeing its pic on internet. I was very keen to make it exactly like the one I saw and It came out perfectly.


  1. First you bake 2 heart shape cakes of any flavor. I made eggless orange flavored cake. (For recipe, click this link: Eggless Orange Cake).
  2. After baking cakes keep it at room temperature for at least one hour for cooling down.
  3. Then cut in to layer and fill the cake (for detailed instructions, click this link: How To Layer And Fill A Cake).
  4. After that cover with fondant (for detailed instructions, click this link: How To Cover Cake With Fondant).
  5. Now time for decoration. One cake will be covered by red fondant and the other by white fondant.
  6. To join them cut a small half round slot, put some edible glue in the slot and plough the other in that slot.
  7. Now arrange flowers on it and border with rolled fondant on top (for detailed instructions, click this link: How To Make Fondant Flowers).66
  8. Complete with border of whipped cream using piping bag with star nozzle tip.

Your cake is ready …


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