How To Layer And Fill A Cake


For cake:
Sharp serrated knife

For filling:
1 and half cup whipped cream
3 tblsp Strawberry crush (you can use any flaver of crush or readymade cake filling or fresh fruit also)


  1. Let the cake cool for at least one hour before layering. Place your cake layer on a flat surface.
  2. The first step before layering is leveling the cake to remove the hard dome-shaped crust.
  3. If using a knife, start by placing one hand flat on top of the cake to hold it and apply a light pressure.
  4. With your other hand, place the knife where you want to start, and move the knife back and forth across the top of the cake in a sawing motion to remove the top.
  5. If cutting multiple layers from one sponge cake, start from the top to make the first cut, removing it as you finish cutting. Then, progress to the next layer down.
  6. To remove, carefully slide the knife out with the layer in place.

Note: If you don’t get a straight cut, match the unevenly cut slices when filling the cake layers, in the next steps, to prevent your finished cake from tilting.


Cake Filling:

For a classic round cake put two or more leveled cake layers together, joined with your favorite filling. This adds height and drama to your cake presentation. Crumb coat and/or frost your filled cake layers afterwards.

  1. First mix whipped cream and strawberry crush for filling.69
  2. Put one layer of the cake on the cake board then apply filling then put another layer and continue the process.70
  3. After putting top layer cover the side by whipped cream. (Just be sure that the cut-side down of cake goes on top of the frosting and that your last layer has the bottom facing upwards. This makes sure that – you guessed it – there are as little crumbs as possible and the top of the cake is as smooth of a surface as possible).
  4. Now after this steps your cake is ready for covering with fondant.

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