Cornflakes Nutella Balls Recipe

This diwali give a chance  to your kids to make diwali sweets. They will enjoy and love it. This  fireless recipe is easy and taste just awesome…My daughters were very happy and said “wow mumma yummy and delicious” ..

This one is so good because it just needs a handful of ingredients and it is sweet, crunchy and chewy as well.

Recipe courtsey…


Cornflakes – 1 cup
Nutella – 1/4 cup + more as needed
Kishmish / Golden Raisans – 1 tblspn
Tutti Fruity – 1 tblspn
coloured sugar coated fennel (sauf ki goli) or sprinkles for decoration


  1. Take cornflakes in a blender and crush them little.23
  2. Take it in a bowl, add in all the ingredients and mix well with your hands.24
  3. Take small portion and shape it into balls and role in to colored fennel seed.

Yippy sweet balls are ready.



  • Instead of Nutella, you can use condensed milk.
  • You can store this balls in refrigerator for 7-8 days.

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