Carrot Halwa Hearts

My husband loves carrot halwa and also white chocolate is his favorite. Then I got idea that I can use them both in one dish.So I made this double love dish to express double love..

It came out perfectly and my husbands love doubled..❤



White chocolate  – ½ cup
Carrot Halwa – ½ cup or as needed

Heart shaped chocolate mold


  1. Melt the chocolate  in the microwave or using a double boiler making sure the vessel does not touch the water until creamy and smooth.17
  2. Use a teaspoon or pointed pastry brush to coat some chocolate all around the inside cavity of your molds. Make sure the centre is empty and free for the filling. Use a dough scraper or backside of a knife to scrape out any excess chocolate from the top of the molds and refrigerate for 5 minutes.18
  3. Fill the inside with gajar halwa (carrot pudding) leaving some space for the chocolate layer that will form the bottom of your chocolate and again refrigerate for 5 mins to firm up.1920
  4. Make sure the chocolates are still melted and smooth, else microwave again. Add chocolate over the top of the carrot halwa and make sure it fills the entire top portion in the shape of your mold. Before the chocolate hardens, scrape out any excess chocolate making a smooth base. If too much chocolate comes off disclosing the carrot halwa , again apply some chocolate and scrape away any excess gently. Again refrigerate for 5 mins.21
  5. Once the chocolate hardens, gently press it out of the mold onto a serving plate and continue to refrigerate.
  6. Stick heart sprinkle with melted chocolate on top.
  7. Enjoy double sweet hearts.

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