Keri Ki Launji (Raw Mango Launji)

The quick and easy pickle that tickles your palate.288

Raw Mango Launji is a famous traditional recipe from Rajasthan. Sweet and tangy it can be made with many varieties of raw mango.

This sweet and spicy Aam ki Launji can be served with parathas or roti of your choice.

This recipe I learned from my aunt(Chachi).We live in common city, and very often she sends me this.It’s my favorite.So I decided to try it in my kitchen , and I am really glad that I nailed the similar taste.

3 raw mangoes
1/2 tbsp oil (You can use mustard oil too)
Pinch of Asafoetida
1 /4Cup jaggery or sugar
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
1/4 tsp coriander Seeds
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
1/4 tsp nigella seeds (kalonji)
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste290


  1. Cut the Mangoes into big slices. Heat a pan with oil, and add mustard seeds, fennel seeds, and coriander seeds, asafoetida, and nigella seeds.291
  2. After the seeds splutter, add the sliced mangoes to it.Add jaggery or sugar and simmer the mango pieces for 10-15 minutes till the pieces of mango become soft and the gravy becomes thick.292
  3. Add turmeric powder, and red chili powder and mix well. This can be served hot as well as refrigerated and used over the week.
  4. Allow the launji to cool completely. Once cooled, serve or store in an air-tight container and refrigerate.

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