Cooking time 12-15 minute  prep time 15 minute

First I saw this recipe on Chef Pankaj bhadiriya’s food show .I bookmarked it.I liked the way of presentation of the cookies.I made some variation in ingredients according to my taste.It looks and also taste awesome.I made it with nutralite butter for more healthier option.Hope you all like it.

This is an easy shortbread recipe to make and really delicious. You’ll really enjoy this soft and buttery shortbread cookies flavored with cherry.

1 and 1/4 cup Refined flour
100 gm unsalted butter(I used Nutralite)
3 tbsp caster sugar
½ cup red cherries, dried and finely
chopped Caster sugar for dusting
Salt to taste



  1. Combine refined flour, unsalted butter, caster sugar, and salt and rub them with your fingertips until the texture resembles the breadcrumbs.picsart_1475764320322
  2. Add finely chopped dried red cherries and knead a dough.picsart_1475764376843
  3. Make a rectangular-shaped dough with a thickness of 1 cm.picsart_1475764408044
  4. Cut the dough into small cubes with the help of a knife, maintaining the same thickness.picsart_1475764451822
  5. Pierce the toothpicks at the centre of the cubes and arrange on a baking tray.picsart_1475764490017
  6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 12-15 minutes.
  7. Dust the serving plate with the caster sugar and serve the shortbreads.



  • You can add dryfruits too.
  • I love salty flavour ,if you don’t like skip it.
  • You can make any of shape with using cookie cutter.

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