Chocolate fudge is the most popular sweet now-a-days.I have recently  grown betel (Paan) leaves in my kitchen garden.One day I saw the plant and thought of making something innovative,so I looked up the internet and found out this wonderful recipe and decided to try it .It is refreshing and flavorful For someone who loves sweets and also Paan,this is a mouthwatering delight which can be enjoyed in just one big gulp.

This is an easy version of of preparing chocolate fudge and not the traditional method.The 3 ingredients used are sweetened condensed milk,chocolate and butter.I have added paan leaves and dry fruits,but its optional.

Chocolate fudge can be made on any celebratory or festive occasion.the recipe can be doubled also.picsart_1479382587047
Recipe courtesy…Madhulika vatsal


300g Chopped White Chocolate
150g  Condensed Milk
1/2 cup chopped  Fresh Paan Leaves
50g Unsalted Butter
Green Food Colour ( Powder or Gel)
Colourful Mint Sprinkles
1/2 cup Roasted,chopped cashew-nuts and almonds


  1. First line an aluminium foil or butter paper in a square pan.The foil paper or butter paper has to cover all the sides.
  2. Take chopped chocolate in a bowl or pan .if you have a slab of chocolate,then just keep the whole slab in a zip lock pouch and with a pestle, break the chocolate.I used white chocolate ,but dark chocolate also tastes very good.
  3. Add butter and condensed milk.Mix gently on low flame.picsart_1481629957966
  4. Add green food colour and chopped  paan leaves, mix well.Add Dry fruits and mix well.picsart_1481630306522
  5. Pour the mixture in a greased or lined pan.Tap the mixture and sprinkle paan leaves and mint sprinkles.
  6. Let the fudge cool at room not cover the pan.once the fudge has cooled at room temperature,cover the pan and refrigerate the fudge for 2 to 3 hours or overnight, till it sets completely.
  7. Demould it and cut in small square pieces.Enjoy your festive days with paan chocolate Fudge…!!picsart_1481630422059
  8. Serve this chocolate fudge or wrap them in foil or butter paper and keep covered in a jar or box in the fridge .


  • Substitutions:butter-ghee,
  • milk chocolate-dark chocolate-white chocolate or chocolate chips
  • Cashewnuts-almonds-walnuts-any dry fruits of your choice


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  1. Hi. U didn’t mentioned when to switch off the flame. Can u plz guide for how much time u have to heat the mixture or after which step u are required to switch off the flame


  2. hi astha ji.. i think this recipe of urs chocolate paan fudge looks so gr8.. we shall definetely trying this onw at home… actually my wife is a homebaker… she is making . fresh cream cakes. chocolates. cookies. etc. but didnt tried this paan fudge… gr8 sharing u have done… thanks…👍😊


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