Orange Jello wedges is a very easy dessert that you can make in few minutes and it will never fail to please a crowd. When you are in the company of kids these are one of the best things to make when you want to impress them in a party. This recipe is totally drool-worthy and is a great party starter.

It is great for parties as well, because it looks so cute and attractive, ..everyone will love it.You make them with any fruits of your choice.
You can make watermelon jelly also.watermelon jello slices

My friend suggested using the orange skin to set the orange jelly. Looks like she saw that on some tv show. I really liked the idea. It is cute and fun to serve orange jelly this way.

Try this different method of making Jelly in an orange.

3-5 fresh oranges
1 pack orange jelly
1 pack Strawberry jelly (I used weik field brand )
(500 ml) of boiling water


  1. Cut the orange in half and scoop the inside of the orange and set it aside. You can either eat it, use it for another recipe, or discard it. Do this for all the oranges.PicsArt_1489062351557
  2. Place your orange rinds on a sheet pan. Your orange rinds will need to be steady. You can place them on the top of plastic cups or in a muffin tray if you have one.PicsArt_1489062493972
  3. Get a medium sized bowl and add the boiling water to it. Dissolve the Jello powder package in the water. Stir until the powder completely disappears.(Follow the instructions as per the packet.)PicsArt_1489062525588
  4. Pour the Jello mixture into the hollowed orange skins. Pour into the middle of the orange to ensure that the jelly sits evenly.
  5. Leave it undisturbed for 30 mins. If you touch and see it will be firm that’s the right stage. No need to keep in the fridge it will set well in room temperature itself. Once set you can leave it in the fridge until serving time.PicsArt_1489062555632
  6. Remove each orange cup from the glasses and, using a sharp knife, slice into two wedges. Continue until all orange cups are sliced into wedges.PicsArt_1489062048172

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