Desserts are a vital part of my life, you may have realized it by now if you are a regular reader of my blog.
What I have today is a dessert of course and a dessert very close to my heart because it is made up of Gulab Jamun which happens to be my favorite Indian sweet.
I have always been fascinated towards shot glass desserts which have become widely popular off late.

last weekend my sister-in-law’s family came for lunch at my place.Their choice is Indian food. So, I decided to make this dessert with gulab juman in very special shot glasses.PicsArt_1492745282663

I used rose flavor cake for this trifle, and whipped cream, I avoided custard highlight gulabjamun..I am happy everyone liked it and also appreciated my dessert presentation idea ..happy me.

Make these for your kids or any social gathering at home or for any festival as this recipe gives an Indian touch too.PicsArt_1492745249284

Prep time 15 mins Total time 15 mins


Sponge cake crumbs (any sponge cake will work) – ½ cup / as required
(I used rose flavour cake recipe here Eggless Rose Flavour Pink Cake )PicsArt_1492745386813
Gulab Jamun (cut in halves ) – 4 / as required (DIL JAMUN ❤(Heart-Shaped Gulab Jamun )PicsArt_1492745468384
Sweetened whipped cream – 1 cup / as required
heart shape sprinkles for decoration


  1. Arrange for trifle glasses /shot glasses/any see through glasses and start assembling the dessert.
  2. Start with pressing the cake crumbs as the first layer.PicsArt_1492745415337
  3. Now use a piping bag to pipe out the whipped cream this will be the second layer.
  4. Then the third layer will be cubed gulab jamuns.
  5. Garnish with heart shape sprinkles on top of whipped cream.
  6. Refrigerate the trifles until you serve them.PicsArt_1492745335587NOTES:
  • The measurement is done according to 4 trifle cups/glasses. You can vary it according to your need and the size of trifle cups/glasses.
  • you may repeat all the layers once more.


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