Treat yourself and the kids to a sweet snack with these simple and healthy Mango Roll Ups.(Aam papad roll)
I’m sure that in your childhood, you might have eaten the tasty & delicious Aam Papad.
When I was a kid, my Dadi used to make us Aam papad and we kids used to go up to the terrace, again and again, to check if it was ready.

Have you ever thought that one of the most delicious things that you ate many times in your childhood can be made very easily at home?

Today Astha’s kitchen is going to share this yummy all time favorite recipe of Aam Papad with all of you. So just take a look at the recipe below & try it at your home.1494934790791


Mangoes – 1kg  (You can make it with any mangoes of your choice. I have taken mix varieties of Aam Alphonso, totapari, badam, lalpatta.
Sugar – 4 tbsp (You may use less or more sugar according to your taste)
Cardamom/ Eliachi – 4 no (Peeled)


  1. Wash, Peel the mangoes & cut into pieces.
  2. Blend the mango with cardamom in a food processor or blender to make its thick uniform puree.
  3. In a non-stick, pan adds fruit puree and sugar. Cook it on low flame for 7-8 minutes more until pulp becomes thick or sticky, stir continuously.The main purpose here is to evaporate excess water.
  4. Grease a steel plate or tray with Ghee, pour the cooked mango mix on the plate and spread it out thinly.PicsArt_1494935025914
  5. Now keep this plate out in the sun to dry. If the sun’s heat is strong then the Mango Papad will be dried in two days.
  6. Else you can keep the plate in your room or the kitchen, you can cover the Mango Papad with a thin cloth or net. It will take more than 2 days also (mine will take 2 days)
  7. Check the surface of fruit roll up with your fingers. When it is not sticking to your finger and there is no liquid part left, you know it is ready.
  8. Once the Mango Papad has dried completely, the first scratch it from sides and take it out with a knife.
  9. Make straight cuts into these dried fruit sheets using a sharp knife. Start rolling them gently.PicsArt_1494935084580
    yippee….Aam papad roll is ready …
  10. Serve it immediately or store it in air tight container/box it will remain good for a month or 2, but who can resist keeping such yummy snacks for 1 or 2 months also?
    Do try and let us know how it turned out.PicsArt_1494934610592


    The fruit pulp and sugar are taken roughly in ratio 4:1 which means four parts of fruit and one part of sugar. You can even us honey instead of sugar.

Thank you for visiting Astha’s Kitchen. I would love to hear your feedback. 

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