Mango mania
This season tries an easy, delicious ,only 3 ingredients sandwich.
I got this recipe from my husband.He tasted it at his cousin’s place and loved it.He describes it tome, and I made it. It has now become one of our favorite breakfasts
Anyone can make it ..easy fireless recipe, even kids can make it.

4 brown bread slices
Mango slices
black pepper


  1. cut the edges of the bread slices make heart shape using cookie cutter..
  2. apply butter on the bread slices,
  3. cut the mango into slices.
  4. put them over the bread.
  5. sprinkle black pepper and salt.
  6. put one bread slice over it.
  7. cut and serve the sandwich

yippeeeeeeeeeee my mango sandwich is ready……………..

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