Its base has a Rose and cardamom flavor. It is layered with motichoor and cream and topped with motichoor laddoos. PicsArt_09-15-06.36.10

I made this cake for the birthday of my daughter’s friend. Nowadays all her friends demand cake from my kitchen as a birthday gift.

I feel happy to bake for her friends  ..she describes the choice of her friends. This time she said, her friend loves ladoo, hence I made this fusion cake …

everyone liked and appreciate it. This laddo cake idea was super hit in her party.

For this recipe, I used my fav eggless malai vanilla cake idea.I replaced vanilla with rose and cardamom powder.

I got this idea from my facebook group.Thanks, Deeksha Pathak ji for this wonderful idea.



Malai  1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2cup
Refined flour (maida) 1cup
Milk powder 1/2 cup
Baking soda a 1/2
Baking powder 3/4tsp
Salt to taste
Milk 1/2cup
lemon juice 1/2tsp
1tbsp curd
Rose essence (for flavor) 1/2tsp
Cardamom powder 1tsp
Motichoor ladoo 500 gm
Whipped cream, tutti fruity



  1. Preheat the oven at 180°C.
  2. Keep your baking tin ready by greasing and dusting. (I used 6inch tin )
  3. Combine the malai and sugar lemon juice and curd in a bowl and whisk well.Keep aside.
  4. Combine the plain flour, baking powder and baking soda and sieve 2-3 times and keep aside.1505441638174-1
  5. Add the milk and milk powder and maida mixture to the malai gradually and keep stirring.1505441472045
  6. Gradually and alternatively finish the mixture and keep stirring.
  7. The mixture should be of the pouring consistency.
  8. Now add the rose essence and lightly stir again once.
  9. Grease the cake mold and sprinkle little maida into it.
  10. Pour the batter into it and bake in a pre-heated cooker or oven for40-45 minutes.
  11. After 5/10 minutes shift the cake on a cooling rack.1505441590533
  12. Once the cake is completely cooled down, wrap it in cling wrap and keep in the fridge for one hour.1505443369800-1
  13. Prepare whipping cream.(You may add color and saffron )
  14. Take out the cake from the fridge,  cut the layers, soak with sugar syrup and cardamom powder and cream with1505443587300 sprinkle crushed boondi laddoo.
  15. Do crumb coat for the whole cake and again on the sides of the cake apply boondi.
  16. On top, in the middle put some ladoos and make whipping cream roses all around. Or you can go with your choice of decoration.
  17. Enjoy this Indo western fusion cake with beautiful flavors of rose. PicsArt_09-15-06.37.11


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