What can be better than Yummy paneer potato sticks/ kababs after hours of fasting. Just substitute the gram flour or corn flour with fasting flours like kuttu atta or singhara atta.

This is the second recipe that I prepared for IBC 24’s show ‘Swad ki rasoi’. They wanted a unique recipe for Navratri vrats, a recipe that would stand out from the others.So, I came up with the idea of paneer potato sticks garnished with sabudanas dangling like beads over it.

A wonderful and tasty dish which is easy to make and perfect for a vrat or upvas.




4-5 large sized potatoes (aloo)
125 grams cottage cheese (paneer)
½ teaspoon pepper powder or freshly crushed pepper (Kali Mirch powder)
2 tbsp rajgira aata (Amarnath flour)
1/2 tsp chili flex
oil for frying
1 green chili chopped
coriander chopped
1/2 cup sabudana soaked
sendha namak


  1. Boil the potatoes with some salt and water in a pressure cooker or microwave oven.
  2. Mash the potatoes. crumble paneer and add it to the mashed aloo. add pepper powder, or crushed pepper, Rajgura aata, sendha namak (fast salt)
  3. mix the mixture really well. there should be no lumps. The mixture should be smooth and pliable.
  4. if the mixture is slightly loose, then add some more rajgira aata . Rajgira aata binds the aloo mixture. so when you fry the tikkis in oil, they do not crumble.
  5. check the taste. add more seasoning of pepper and salt, if required.
  6. now take some portion of the mixture in your hands. shape them into sticks /kababs and then roll on soaked sabudana them.make even sized paneer sticks/kababs of the entire mixture.
  7. on a pan smear oil for frying. place the sticks/ kababs on the pan and on a High flame fry the tikkis till they turn golden brown.
  8. When browned and crisp from both sides, you can remove paneer sticks /kababs from the pan. serve aloo paneer Tikki with Hung curd dip and coriander chutney with almond and walnut.



  • you can even shallow fry or deep fry. if deep or shallow frying then uses oil and not ghee. if you are using a non-stick tava, then you can use ghee or butter.

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