Sabzi tarkari day is celebrated as a food observation day all over India. In Indore, my blogger friend Amit pamnani hosted a potluck.

This is what SabziTarkariDin is about..Get your favorite Recipes out of the Kitchen of the Vegetables that your Family is not too fond of & Share them !!!

There are so many vegetables that we are not fond of.The #Dudhi or #Bottlegourd or  #lauki  is one of them which the family does not like.But it’s such a Nutritious Veggie that I try and use it in everyday dishes
I Use in daliyas , raitas , paranthas, koftas,
muthiyas, kebabs and yes  sometimes desserts too
This Time I  made a  dessert with bottle guard.
Lauki trifle pudding 😋😋😋


Dessert is my all time favorite so I decided to make fusion dessert with using lauki.I made lauki trifle pudding.
I am happy I nailed it and a big hit at my home and also in potluck party.


lauki ka halwa or dudhi halwa – sweet Indian dessert made from bottle gourd. bottle gourd is known as lauki in Hindi and dudhi in Marathi. so this Indian dessert is known by the name lauki halwa or dudhi halwa.

My lauki trifle pudding recipe also published in Patrika newspaper and Dainik Bhaskar City edition.


(1 cup = 250 ml)

3  cups / 1/2 Kg grated lauki (bottle gourd or dudhi)
500 ml milk, which has been already boiled before
7 tablespoon sugar – for a very sweet taste, increase to 8 tablespoon sugar
3 to 4 tablespoon ghee
4 to 5 green cardamoms – powdered or crushed (chotti elaichi or hari elaichi)
½ cup chopped almonds (badam) and pista
2 cup whipped cream
2 pack oreo biscuit
2tbsp butter


  1. In a kadai or deep pan combine milk and grated lauki or bottle gourd.
  2. bring the whole mixture to a boil and then lower the flame.
  3. simmer the mixture on a low flame and keep on stirring in between.
  4. the bottle gourd will cook in the milk and the milk will start to reduce and evaporate.
  5. when the milk has 75% reduced, add crushed cardamom, chopped almonds, and pista to the mixture.
  6. add ghee when the all the milk has evaporated.
  7. mix the ghee with the rest of the mixture and cook for a minute
  8. lastly, add the sugar and mix it with the halwa.
  9. the sugar will melt and the halwa becomes a little liquidy.
  10. cook the lauki halwa for a few minutes. do keep on stirring the lauki halwa.
  11. when you know by looking at the lauki halwa that the consistency is just right, switch off the burner.
  12. Your lauki halwa is ready to serve .
  13. After cooling put it in the fridge for trifle pudding assembly.
  14. ASSEMBLING: Coarsely grind biscuits and butter  in a mixer jar and transfer to a bowl.
  15. Spread a layer of the biscuit mixture in individual cups and press lightly.
  16. Spread the lauki halwa layer over the layer of biscuits.
  17. take whipped cream and mix cardamom powder.
  18. Fill this whipped cream into piping bag and spread over the lauki halva.
  19. sprinkles some pista and rice flexes.
  20. Set in the refrigerator, cool and serve.
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