Little heart is my favourite biscuit-type.
Valentine’s day is over but heart- shape obsession is forever.

Sandesh is a famous Bengali sweet loved by everyone and by far one of the easiest Indian dessert recipes, I have come across.
Here I am sharing a flavoured Sandesh in a  heart-shaped biscuit sandwich. So I tried innovating and experimenting with a traditional recipe and it turned out to be pretty good. A good presentation can do wonders and these little sweeties are just the catch!

2 servings
250-gram paneer
150  grams condensed milk
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp  (according to the sweetness you like)
1 tbsp refined flour i.e maida
1/2 cup strawberry puree
1 tsp strawberry essence (optional)
12 little hearts biscuits, edible sprinkles


  1. In a blender add grated paneer, condensed milk, milk powder, refined flour and strawberry puree, strawberry essence now churn the mixture into a fine paste. Check for the sweetness, if you feel it to be less add some powdered sugar and mix well.
  2. Take a non-stick pan and transfer the entire mixture. Stirring continuously, cook the mixture on a medium flame. Cook till the mixture becomes dry enough that it can be made balls off.
  3. Now the interesting part of the recipe….make medium sized balls from the mixture. Take the little heart biscuit and place a ball cover it with another biscuit to make Sandesh sandwich.
  4. Press the biscuits together so that the ball fits in between the biscuits properly and takes the shape of the heart.decorate with some sprinkles.
  5. A very interesting and fascinating dessert prepared in very less time.
  6. Can easily be on your menu list in your next party.
  7. If you like this recipe, share it friends and family and spread the love.PicsArt_02-24-09.58.38.jpg
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