I totally adore Layered desserts. With different layers of cake, fruits and cream, they look so vibrant and beautiful.

Coming back to this trifle, it’s creamy, fruity, perfectly sweet and really indulgent!  It’s so easy and delicious that you must try it! I make custard Whenever I have Milk left over.

If you ask me, the only effort really required in this trifle is to make vanilla custard which also is very simple to make. Once the custard is done and cooled down, this delicious and satisfying trifle comes together very quickly.

This trifle is perfect when you don’t have too much time on hand and want to make something which your guests will love.

This Fruity custard trifle is  made up of the following layers 

Buttery biscuit crust
Vanilla thick custard
Mix fruits (Strawberries /grapes / pomegranate /orange)



Digestive biscuit layer-
1/2 cup crushed digestive biscuits( I used oreo and Britania marry gold )
4 Tsp melted butter and
1 Tsp chocolate sauce
1 cup thick custard
1 cut mix fruits chopped



  1. Combine the biscuit layer ingredients together and set aside.
  2. Custard Layer-
    Make according to package instructions, add little more custard powder to make a thick custard. Chill it in the fridge.
  3. Assembling the dessert
  4. Take a glass bowl and add buttery-biscuit crumbs as the first layer. Press down and level it.picsart_03-11-064612244637703809367.jpg
  5. For the second  layer, add thick custard.
  6. For the last layer, add chopped fruits.
  7. Chill in the fridge for an hour and garnish with mint and chocolate sauce before serving.


  • You may use any fruits of your choice.
  • You may use nuts too.

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Custard Powder


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