Shrikhand is served chilled as hung curd is the main ingredient or we can call it as a base ingredient. Usually, yoghurt is tied in a muslin cloth to drain out all the whey from it. After that sugar and flavourings can be added and mixed to the hung curd to make delicious shrikhand.

This strawberry shrikhand | Strawberry Yogurt Dessert is a fruity twist on a classic Indian dessert – Shrikhand. Instant Indian strawberry shrikhand is a great way to relish pretty candy-like strawberries.

Do try strawberry shrikhand, this is equally healthy and yum !!!!


1 Cup Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt)
1 Cup Strawberries (chopped)
3 tbsp castor sugar (depends on the sweetness of berries)
1/4th tsp cardamom powder


  1. Puree the chopped Strawberries with sugar using a mixer grinder.
    Pass the puree through a sieve and keep aside.picsart_02-04-097770705091092365151.jpg
  2. Take hung curd in a bowl and beat it with cardamom powder.
  3. I used an electric beater. But you can also use a balloon whisk or hand beater.
    Whisk till the curd turns smooth.
  4. Add strawberry puree and whisk again till everything well combine.
  5. Pour it in individual bowls or earthen pots (I used small glasses here).
  6. Refrigerate it for an hour.
  7. Serve chilled.
  • I used 500-gram thick yoghurt here, which gave me 1 cup hung curd.
  • You may use store brought curd or homemade curd for making shrikhand.
  • Make sure your yoghurt is fresh. Never use sour yoghurt.
  • To make hung curd take a muslin cloth, spread the cloth on a sieve/ strainer, pour
  • the curd in the cloth. Now bring the ends of the cloth together and hand it on
  • support to drain the water from the curd.  It may take 3-4 hours for making shrikhand.

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