Thank you @MyPoSHN for sending this…
Absolutely loved the punchline. – पोषण (Nutrition)+ Potion(Magical concoction)= @myposhn

Poshn functional super juice is the best juice for fitness freaks. It is made of natural ingredients. It is best to drink when chilled.
Each bottle of 200ml has less than 15g of carbs. So it gives a burst of energy minus the extra calories.

They have two flavours -Relax and Recharge
The taste is natural and tangy which refresh you. It’s a perfectly healthy substitute for normal energy drinks.
I tried to Relax & recharge both but I prefer to recharge juice.

Relax -Chamomile + Apple +pear +Strawberry + Raspberry + Cherry +Craneberry +Blackberry + Gooseberry and stevia

Recharge – Orange +Pinkguava +Apricot + Mango + Banana + Apple +Lemon +Passion fruit + Lime + Greentea + stevia

The main feature of the juice :
High on taste
No added sugar
Natural high-quality ingredients
No preservatives
Added Vitamin and Minerals
The packaging is really good and attractive.


Price: 85/-
Rating – 8/10

You can buy it from -@my poshn

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