Parle G biscuit Ice-cream is a quick and easy ice cream made with Parle G biscuit. It is a very simple recipe. This is chocolate flavoured Ice -cream which is the favourite flavour of kids . It is a mouthwatering dessert and can be instantly made. So, try out this recipe soon.

Parle G Biscuit – 15 to 20 pieces
Powdered Sugar – 4 tablespoon
Cocoa Powder-2 tsp
Malai(Homemade cream)-3 tbsp
Milk-3/4 glass
Chocolate chips – around 1 tbsp
Vanilla essence – few drops



  1. Take Parle-G biscuits(or any other biscuits of your choice)and crush to a fine powder using a grinder.
  2. Then add sugar and cocoa powder to the crushed biscuits and grind again.
  3. Once this dry premix is ready, add malai(or milk powder slurry i.e. milk powder mixed with water to give it a semi-solid texture) to it and mix well.wp-15861874646004903065698239046113.jpg
  4. Next, keep adding milk in small amounts and mix until you reach a pouring consistency as shown below.
  5. Pour this ice cream mix in an ice cream mould and freeze overnight.wp-15861874648313850908148610142977.jpg
  6. Once the ice cream is ready,  garnish it with chocolate chips/chocolate sauce and serve chilled.



  • You may use milk powder in place of malai. Take 1/4 cup for making 2-3 servings.
  •  You may add the chocolate chips before freezing also.
  •  You may add chocolate syrup or coffee powder as additional taste agents.
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