Broken Wheat Idli is an instant Idli made with healthy and nutritious Broken wheat(daliya). There is no soaking, grinding or fermentation process required to make this Idli. It’s one very quick Idli recipe which can be served with tomato chutney, Coriander chutney enjoy.

Not only is it healthy, but very tasty.
My husband loves daliya and my daughter’s really like idli, so here is a delicious combo of both. Throw in some veggies and make it even better.

I am obsessed with heart shape, so I used a cookie cutter to make heart shape idlis.
*Broken wheat is also referred to as Dalia, Cracked Wheat and Couscous.*


1 cup Samba Godhumai Rava (Broken Wheat / Dalia) 1 Cup – 250ml
½ cup Curd (Plain Yogurt)
1 Carrot Grated
½ tsp Eno Salt
¾ cup Water Adjust as needed
¾ tsp Salt Adjust As Needed
1 tbsp Coriander Leaves Finely Chopped
2 tsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
5-6 Cashews
1 tbsp Split Bengal Gram (Channa Dal /
Few Curry
1 Green Chili
1 tsp Ginger Grated



  2. Heat a pan and add broken wheat and dry roast it for 2-3 minutes. Take this dry roasted broken wheat in a mixing bowl or vessel.wp-15918027131267976143138785412100.jpg
  4. Add oil to the pan and add mustard seeds and when the mustard seeds start to sputter, add split urad dal, channa dal and fry till the dal turns golden brown colour.wp-15918027133246679589773469995358.jpg
  5. Add cashews and fry till light brown. Finally, add curry leaves and fry for 2 seconds. Switch off the flame
  6. In a mixing bowl, take the roasted broken wheat. Add tempering, grated carrot, coriander leaves and salt and give a good mix.wp-1591802713501879636292020033916.jpg
  7. To this now, add curd and give a mix. Add water little by little and make it to a thick batter. Keep the batter aside for 10 mins. Broken wheat absorbs the curd and water.
  8. After 10 mins, again add water and adjust the consistency. Add eno salt and mix gently. Eno salt makes the idli fluffy and salt. You can substitute with baking salt also.
  9. Grease the idli plates and fill in the batter in each idli mould and steam cook for 20 minuteswp-1591802713698425340848894166681.jpg
  10. Once the steam cooking is done, allow the idli to cool off for a couple of minutes and then take out the idli gently.
  11. Yummy Broken Wheat Idli | Samba Godhumai Rava Idli | Dalia Idli is now ready to serve with idli with any chutney varieties


  • Roasting of DALIA  is very important as it helps to build very good flavour. Do not skip this step. Dry roast the wheat in a low to medium flame till you get a nice aroma.
  • Use of Sour curd is recommended. If you don’t have sour curd, you can add little quantity of lemon juice in addition to the curd
  • Add shredded vegetable of your choice and liking of your family.
  • As I mentioned earlier, additional of Eno Fruit Salt helps to make fluffy idli.
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