This hariyali sabudana cutlets prepared using a ground paste of coriander and green chillies is a delicious twist to the reguler sabudana cutlets.

Sabudana vada or sago cutlets is a deep-fried  Maharashtrian snack, breakfast or appetiser. Made with sabudana or tapioca pearls and potatoes these vada’s are crisp outside and soft inside.

This is a perfect falahari or frarali recipe for fasting. Not only for fasting these sabudana vada/ cutlets are perfect evening snack to go with a hot cup of masala tea.

I used here premium quality sabudana by royal ratan in these cutlets. The amazing quality just enhanced the taste of the cutlets and made my innovation a success.




200 gms Potato Boiled and mashed

150 gms Sago Tapioca Pearls

50 gms Peanuts Roasted and crushed

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 cup  Coriander leaves

2-3 Green Chilies Chopped

Oil Deep Frying

1 tsp Black pepper crushed



  1. To make sabudana vada we will first take sabudana and soak it in freshwater for 2-3 hours.
  2. When sabudana is soaked, it substantially increases in size. Now, drain the excess water and keep the sabudana aside to make vada.
  3. In a bowl take grated/mashed boiled potatoes
  4. Next, I added soaked sabudana pearls into the bowl. If you are adding paneer you can add that.
  5. Now crush coriander leaves and green chillies in a blender . Now add this to sabudana mixture .
  6. Mix all the ingredients together except oil. After mixing them well we will divide them into 12 -16 portions.picsart_07-13-053315060145278495907.jpg
  7. Now, make small balls in the shape of vada and make heart shape using a cookie cutter.
  8. After that heating oil in a pan till smoking point.
  9. Add Sabudana cutlets in the hot oil and reduce the heat to medium.
  10. When cutlets are golden brown from one side flip them over and cook on the other side.
  11. Likewise, deep fry all the cutlets and when done take them out in the serving plate.


    Excessive water is a most known culprit for this to happen. When any food has excessive water more often than not it will absorb excessive oil. So while you are soaking sabudana right way is to soak in lesser water and keep it for 2 hours.
    then not it will absorb excessive oil. So while you are soaking sabudana right way is to soak in lesser water and keep it for 2 hours.

    Another thing which you can do to prevent sabudana vada from soaking excessive oil is frying at the right temperature. While frying sabudana vada the oil temperature should be hot initially which you can reduce to medium heat after about a minute.

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