When life gives you jamuns, make jamun shots! Appetizing to eyes, appetizing to heart!
Jamuns are in season and what better way to use them than by making this refreshing Jamun Shots!

Jamun, an Indian native, is an amazing dark purple looking tropical fruit. Also known as Black Plum, this fruit has got numerous health benefits. Often eaten with a little sprinkle of salt, to mild down its astringent taste, this fruit is bound to amaze you after you try this recipe for yourself.


Deseeded Jamun – 1 cup
Black Salt – 1/4 tsp
Chilled Water – 4 tbsp
Ice Cubes – 7-8 cube
Lemon Juice – 1tsp
Sugar (Optional) – 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder
Mint leaves

For serving :
Shot glasses
Lemon Piece – 1-2
Around 2-3 Tbsp Salt & red chilli powder  spread on a plate


  1. Take jamuns, wash them well and deseed them to just be left with the pulp.
  2. Put this deseeded Jamuns in a blender, add water, ice cubes, mint leaves, sugar, black salt and lemon juice and blend together.
  3. Now take a lemon piece and rub it on the rim of shot glasses, now place the glass upside down in the salt/red chilli powder plate..the salt will stick to the rim.
  4. Pour the Jamun drink in the shot glasses And get high on these beautiful refreshing shots.
    (Sugar can be totally avoided for diabetes patient as Jamun is said to be best for diabetic people)”


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