Popularly known as Angoor aur Akhrot Raita in hindi.

Here is different kind of raita with the combination of curd,green grapes and walnut. Succulent grapes that look like green jewels makes this raita truly inviting.

Thick curd whisked and folded with grape slices and walnuts has mild sweet flavors along with fresh mint and roasted cumin powder. The red chili powder gives a lick to your palate initially and then the sweetness soothes it all with crunchy and juicy bites.


  1. Take yogurt or thick curd in a large mixing bowl and whisk to make it smooth and creamy.
  2. Season it well with black salt, brown sugar, roasted cumin powder and red chilli powder.wp-16204059559673225193574364014312.jpg
  3. Add the sliced grapes, coarsely chopped walnuts and finely chopped fresh mint leaves and mix gently.
  4. Place in refrigerator for 20-30minutes
  5. Garnish with mint leaves, chopped walnut and few sliced grape pieces.
  6. Serve chilled as an accompaniment to any biryanis, curries or Indian breads.

For Garnishing:

  1. Few chopped walnuts (akhrot), sliced grapes and chopped fresh mint leaves.


  • Use sweet and seedless grapes of your choice.

  • I prefer to use black salt to enhance flavours, table salt can also be used.

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