Pomegranate, Orange and Amla are three different fruits that are so health benefiting in different ways. But they have something in common that benefits us in many ways, all the three fruits that I have used here are rich in antioxidants and therefore is the most healthiest trio ever.

Vitamin C is a very good and powerful antioxidant found in these three fruits. And I feel that I should better name the drink as Vitamin C drink.

Pomegranates are said to be good for heart and also fights cancer due to the high levels of antioxidants present in it. When the trio combines it gives a very refreshing and delectable drink. Amla or the Indian gooseberry gives sour and tart-ic taste, while pomegranates offers sweetness and so does oranges but they additionally give a citrus touch to the drink.

The trio tastes great and benefits your health in many ways. You can keep on listing the health benefits of these fruits, they are so very beneficial in many many ways.
Then imagine the goodness of all the three fruits in a single serving. You can gulp all the nutrition, minerals and vitamins from the same glass.

Serve this healthy and refreshing drink for your loved ones and watch them enjoy it.


  • Pomegranate kernels – from 1 pomegranate 
  • orange -1 peeled
  • Amla/ indian gooseberry – 1 (chopped, discard seed)
  • sugar- as per taste (optional)


  1. Add orange and amla pieces to a blender and blend well.
  2. Then add the pomegranate kernels, 1 cup of water and blend again just for a few seconds. If you grind for a long time the pomegranate seeds will break and become coarse.
  3. Strain the juice using a strainer and discard the pulp.
  4. Refreshing Vitamin C rich drink is now ready!! Serve as a party drink or as a refresher!!


  • Those who catch cold easily can use warm water instead of chilled water and extract juice. I catch cold easily when i just take a sip of any fruit juice, but after trying this way I feel I haven’t got cold.
  • Add sugar or honey according to taste. I haven’t added any sweetening agents as the orange and pomegranate was sweet enough. but you can add some if you wish.
  • My pomegranate kernels were pale pink in color, so color changes may apply if you use dark red colored pomegranate kernels.

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