WINDASA DRIVE -IN THEATER: : Experience Central India’s Biggest Drive-In Theatre Now In Indore

Here’s my kernel of wisdom: Go to the drive in theatre’Have you had the chance to drop by?

@windasadrivein is a brand new venue to watch movies and spend quality time with friends and family. The drive-in theatre experience was, in simple words ‘magical’. With the winds blowing my hair away and making me smile, the weather was definitely in our favour that day.

My experience video…

From the moment we reached there ,it was exciting and new.I have never been to a drive in theatre before but this one didn’t disappoint me.It was an amazing location where along with the movie you can also enjoy watching a perfect starry sky.


I sit and relaxed on the comfortable chairs.Also,I really enjoyed the company of my lovely daughter and my fellow bloggers that day .



A wonderful place with accommodation of around 166 cars and more than 260 seats, it is a place you must visit at least once, if you live in Indore! With arrangement of speakers everywhere the sound was crystal clear and and gave me chills as we watched ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ on the day of our visit.Me being a scaredy cat I didn’t leave my daughter’s side the entire movie and was terrified when she scared me from the back.

Sitting in comfortable and luxurious pavilion style seating I had various delicacies the food court serves.Other than the classics-popcorn and samosas(my favourite) you can also have honey chilli potatoes,momos, pizza and many other dishes there.


I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. There is a VIP Lounge and you can also watch from your car and even a two wheeler!

And one of the best parts- a place like this you’d expect mosquitos, but there was not a mosquito in sight, so you can have an absolutely carefree and amazing time! I had a wheely good time there.


Address : Windasa Resorts and Park, Near State Institute of Hotel Management, Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 453331.

For more details or to make your bookings, you can call on 6267950801

Checkout their website for more details

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