About Me

Astha MahajanHi! I am Astha Mahajan, a food blogger, a restaurant reviewer, and a fitness enthusiast based in Indore, India. I am also a wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters.

Looking at my blog, can you imagine I was only capable of making tea till a few years ago? Yes, that’s right! Things changed after I got married. My husband and in-laws are absolute foodies and that’s the reason I started to cook. To my surprise, I began enjoying it more every day and thus developed my love affair with food.

I believe my passion and love for cooking have helped me improve and move closer to achieve excellence. Of course, the learning never stops and perfection is achieved in small ways every day! Not to forget, my husband and daughters are amazing food critics and the biggest source of motivation for me.

Any mother and wife will agree with me when I say – how easily do family members (especially kids) get bored with the same home-cooked food! Cooking something new every day seems challenging at such times.

This is the reason I try to cook something different, unique, and healthy on a daily basis. I experiment with different flavors and combinations to come up with something delicious and appealing every time. I hope young chefs find my recipes helpful and motivating.

When I am not cooking, you can find me cycling somewhere in Indore or swimming with my family. And if you haven’t already noticed, I am obsessed with hearts ❤

For any comments, feedback and collaborations, contact me on tina.astha@gmail.com