How can leftover Pulav and veggies be used to win your kids’ hearts? It might sound like a riddle to you, but it is possible as you will see from this recipe. Cooked pulao and colourful vegetables are used to make a mildly spiced dough that is shaped into balls and deep-fried.
Broccoli, as we all know, is very healthy food. It is very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Protein, Vitamin E & calcium. So we must add such healthy food to our diet.
This is a wonderful way to include veggies like broccoli into your kids’ diet, and an intelligent alternative to store-bought fries, chips and cheese balls.
The Crispy Pulao Balls are really so crunchy outside and soft inside that your kids will love it!
leftover pulao, chopped onions, capsicum, green chilli and some cheese
I really like this kind of recipes where we can create a new dish out of some leftover dish. And if the taste of a new dish is so amazing then what is left to complain
2 cups leftover pulao/rice
1 onion chopped
1 small capsicum chopped ( you can use green, red yellow )
1 cup broccoli grated
1 green chilli seeds removed and chopped
1 tbsp chopped coriander
2 cheese cubes grated
Salt and pepper to taste (taste before adding as pulao and cheese already have salt)
2 tbsp plain flour/ maida
water to make a thick paste
Breadcrumbs to roll balls
oil for deep frying
  1. Mash pulao with your hands. Add chopped onions, capsicum, green chillies, coriander leaves & broccoli.img-20190310-wa00392397961389940278234.jpg
  2. Add grated cheese, salt, and pepper. you will have to taste the pulao first and add salt and pepper accordingly. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Make small balls by rolling the mixture in your hands.img-20190310-wa00419035280312369009000.jpg
  4. Make a thick paste of plain flour with water. Dip rice balls in the flour paste.
  5. Roll the balls in the breadcrumbs so that they are coated uniformly.img-20190310-wa00405286687122468847202.jpg
  6. All the balls are ready for frying. you can keep these in the fridge for some time and deep fry them just before serving.
  7. Tasty yummy irresistible rice balls are ready. Serve them with Strawberry spinach chutney
Strawberry Spinach Almond chutney :
Strawberry 1/2 cup
Spinach 1/2 cup
Almonds 5-6
salt as per taste
green chilli 1
Combine all ingredients together and blend in a mixer to a smooth paste.
Serve fresh.
  •  Leftover pulav had potato, carrot, and peas. that is why I have not added them separately. If you are making these balls with plain rice feel free to add as many vegetables as you like. your kids will still devour these rice balls.



These are perfect for kids, and really anyone, who needs just a sweet and refreshing treat.These banana pops are great for the snack or as part of breakfast.

This was my first time making banana pops. It turns out, making these is super easy!
Of course, fresh fruit and vegetables are one of the best snacks, but sometimes we need to get creative to make them exciting and fun. Especially, if you have two picky eaters, like my Daughters.


These Easy Frozen Banana Pops are the perfect little snack, after-school snack or great for adding to your meals for an extra boost! They’re super easy to make and are amazing in so many ways. It’s a super-kid-friendly recipe as well.



All you need to make these easy banana desserts are:


1 or 2 bananas ripe but firm
1/3 cup chocolate chips /or chocolate melted
12 lollipop sticks
Toppings: I used multicolor sprinkles and red and silver sprinkles and coconut flakes. I think chopped nuts or crushed graham crackers would be yummy, too!picsart_12-06-081672528907.jpg


  1.  Peel and slice bananas into thick slices.
  2. Melt chocolate in microwave until soft. (This took me two 45 sec shots.)
  3. Place a lollipop stick in each banana slice.
  4. Dip banana slices into melted chocolate and sprinkle with the desired topping.1512530416569
  5. Place dipped banana slices on wax paper and freeze until hardened (about 2 hours).



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These Monaco Cheesy Bites are basically salty biscuits, loaded with the goodness of veggies and with cheese kids would gobble these up in no time. A best after school snack too.

Cheesy Monaco Bites is a simple, easy and quick to make starter recipe that will surely impress your family and friends. Involve your kids in this fun activity; I am sure they will enjoy it too.

Kids will love this recipe, as they can bite while playing, and no need to find place to sit while eating.

My kids loved it …ये दिल मांगे मोर

Prep Time: 2 mins
Cook Time:15 mins Serve: 5


2 tbsp Butter
1 cup, mixed veggies (carrot, peas and corn)
3 tbsp Maida/APF
1/3 cup Milk
1 tsp Dried Oregano powder
2 tbsp Pizza sauce
1/2 tsp Paprika powder
2 tbsp Chopped almonds (roasted)
1/4 cup Grated Cheese
Chilli flakes to taste
Milk to adjust consistency
Mint /coriendee leaves to garnish
25-30 nos Monaco Biscuits
5 nos Cheese Slices quartered


  1. Heat up the butter in a pan and the mixed veggies. Cook it until soft around 2-3 mins.PicsArt_10-05-02.38.50.jpg
  2. Add the maida, stirring continuously cook until the floury taste goes around 2 mins.
    Stirring continuously add in the milk.PicsArt_10-05-02.40.36.jpg
  3. You will see that the mixture thickens quickly.
  4. Switch off the gas and add in the oregano, pizza sauce, paprika powder and almonds.
  5. Stir to mix everything.
  6. Add in the grated cheese and mix everything well.PicsArt_10-05-02.42.05.jpg
  7. Top it off with some chilli flakes to suit your family needs and also if you find that it is too thick just add in some milk to adjust the consistency such that it is eay to spoon later.
  8. Let it cool a bit and transfer to a bowl.


  1. Take a monaco biscuit. Place on quartered cheese slice on top.
  2. Spoon some prepared veggie topping on top.
  3. Garnish with mint leaves or farsan.
  4. Serve it with tomato ketchup if need be.PicsArt_10-05-03.06.03.jpg
  5. And thats it for your Monaco Cheesy Bites.



  • You can just add any flavours to the veggies. And even can change the veggies to your family’s preference.
  • The topping can be made ahead of time and everything can be put together right before guests arive.
  • Some other veggie combination like Boiled Potato and Paneer with Mint chutney or Onion and Capsicum with some dip and chutney can also be used.
  • Assemble the biscuits just before serving or else it would turn soggy. In fact ask your guests to help themselves so that they can decide what they like.


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I love Oreos.  They are the perfect cookie.  They are great on MANGO TRIFLE   They are great for No-Bake Pineapple Tart.

Oreo pops are easier to make than cake pops and are great treats for a holiday or party or festivals.

Chocolate covered Oreos can make a HUGE creative statement at your party.
They are so fun and so delicious. You can make them simple or get creative with the design and presentation for a yummy treat that will WOW all of your guests.

I made 100 oreo pops for my Jsg elegant group party. I enjoyed a lot making them occasionally stopping to smell the delicious aroma .the party theme was light blue and so I coated them with light blue chocolate. Everybody loved them especially the kids who grabbed 3-4 pops at once.Creative yet easy these pops were fun to make.


Just take a look at how amazing these oreo cookie pops are. I mean…really! You can’t get any better than Oreos covered in chocolate and decorated to match your theme. PicsArt_08-01-05.51.45 (1)



1 package of Oreo cookies
white chocolate
Lollipop sticks
Wax or parchment paper
Bowls to mix chocolate  in- narrow is better than wide for dipping
A cookie sheet or large flat tray
Decorations- sprinkles, crushed Oreos or other treats, drizzled chocolate, etc.
blue color (liposoluble color)



  1. Melt your chocolate in a bowl or in a microwave safe glass. Use 30-second intervals and stir until melted.
  2. Remove the top to the Oreo cookie. Dip your sucker stick into the melted chocolate and place in the center of the Oreo cookie filling. Press down slightly into cream filling so it sets a little.PicsArt_08-01-09.24.33
  3. Place top of the cookie back on and lightly press to reattach.
  4. Melt Chocolate in a bowl or narrow microwave safe glass, add 2,3 drop of colors.PicsArt_08-01-09.20.10
  5. Dip the Oreo suckers in the chocolate, making sure that the whole cookie gets covered.PicsArt_08-01-09.18.50
  6. At this point, you can either place them on a waxed paper sheet to dry flat or stand them up on a sheet of styrofoam to dry standing up like a lollipop.PicsArt_08-01-09.21.33
  7. Place one side of the Oreo pop in the sprinkles.
  8. It just depends on the look you want in the end. They are both fun!
  9. Decorate To Your Heart’s Content.
  10. Decorate with sprinkles or sugars.

This was a fun and simple food project.  Oreo pops are an easy, inexpensive, and cute wedding favor, birthday party favor, or neighbor treat.1501586022894

I like to take pictures and I especially like to take pictures of cute, colorful things with me, so enjoy my craziness.DSC_5922



  • Colored sprinkles. Kids love these! The Oreo pops with sprinkles always go the fast when there are kids around.
  • you may decorate according to your theme.
  • There are so many fun ways to decorate your oreo cookie pops. You can drizzle chocolate over it.



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Orange Jello wedges is a very easy dessert that you can make in few minutes and it will never fail to please a crowd. When you are in the company of kids these are one of the best things to make when you want to impress them in a party. This recipe is totally drool-worthy and is a great party starter.

It is great for parties as well, because it looks so cute and attractive, ..everyone will love it.You make them with any fruits of your choice.
You can make watermelon jelly also.watermelon jello slices

My friend suggested using the orange skin to set the orange jelly. Looks like she saw that on some tv show. I really liked the idea. It is cute and fun to serve orange jelly this way.

Try this different method of making Jelly in an orange.

3-5 fresh oranges
1 pack orange jelly
1 pack Strawberry jelly (I used weik field brand )
(500 ml) of boiling water


  1. Cut the orange in half and scoop the inside of the orange and set it aside. You can either eat it, use it for another recipe, or discard it. Do this for all the oranges.PicsArt_1489062351557
  2. Place your orange rinds on a sheet pan. Your orange rinds will need to be steady. You can place them on the top of plastic cups or in a muffin tray if you have one.PicsArt_1489062493972
  3. Get a medium sized bowl and add the boiling water to it. Dissolve the Jello powder package in the water. Stir until the powder completely disappears.(Follow the instructions as per the packet.)PicsArt_1489062525588
  4. Pour the Jello mixture into the hollowed orange skins. Pour into the middle of the orange to ensure that the jelly sits evenly.
  5. Leave it undisturbed for 30 mins. If you touch and see it will be firm that’s the right stage. No need to keep in the fridge it will set well in room temperature itself. Once set you can leave it in the fridge until serving time.PicsArt_1489062555632
  6. Remove each orange cup from the glasses and, using a sharp knife, slice into two wedges. Continue until all orange cups are sliced into wedges.PicsArt_1489062048172

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Hara bhara is one of my favorite dishes. I had been looking up to try this recipe from a lot many days but always wondered how to get the green color. I searched on the net and I found that if we add green veggies it would give a natural green color.refered to the recipe of Hara bhara kabab in few books and sites and came up with this method.

I made it in heart shape as to give it a valentine theme.picsart_1486909367832

Hara bhara kebab gets its name by the healthy green spinach used in this recipe. With spinach, any green vegetables can also be added in this recipe including potato and paneer. It is great evening snack recipe and also can be an evergreen party starter and also good for kids who hate green vegetables.


1 bunch palak leaves/spinach
2 tsp oil
1 green chili / Hari Mirch, finely chopped
1 capsicum, finely chopped
¾ cup beans, chopped
¾ cup peas, fresh / frozen
2 potato, boiled and grated
¾ cup paneer/cottage cheese, crumbled
3 tbsp coriander leaves, finely chopped
1 tbsp corn flour
2 tbsp suji /rava
1tbsp peanuts crushed
½ tsp Kashmiri chili powder / Lal Mirch powder
½ tsp coriander powder/dhania powder
1 tsp amchur / dry mango powder
½ tsp garam masala powder
¼ tsp turmeric / Haldi
salt to taste
1 cup suji and 1/2 cup sesame seeds to coat
8 cashews, halved
oil for deep frying/shallow fryingpicsart_1486909630168


  1. firstly, blanch palak leaves by boiling palak for 2 minutes in water.squeeze off excess water and keep aside.picsart_1486556053708picsart_1486561911680
  2. In a large kadhai heat oil and add green chili.also, add capsicum and saute till the moisture disappears.
  3. further, add beans and peas saute well, transfer to the blender and allow to cool completely.picsart_1486908608716
  4. blend to the coarse paste along with blanched palak, transfer the blended paste into a large mixing bowl.picsart_1486908926076
  5. also add grated potato, paneer and coriander leaves.
  6. further, add corn flour and suji. add in the spices and salt. mix well.picsart_1486909055253
  7. grease hands with oil and make small patties, sesame and with the help of cookie cutter make heart shapes.
  8. cover the patties with sesame seeds mixture and garnish with cashew.
  9. Grease your palms with oil and divide mixture into 8 equal portions.Take each portion and give it a heart shape using a cookie it gently between your palm to flatten.picsart_1486909127456
  10. Heat 1-2 tablespoon oil in a nonstick pan or non-stick Tawa over medium flame. when the pan is medium hot, put tikis at a time and shallow fry until bottm surface turns light brown, it will take around 3-4 minute .
  11. Flip each green tikki and shallow fry another side until light brown.picsart_1486909235536
  12. Transfer each kabab to a plate, serve hara bhara kabab with tomato ketchup or green chutney.


  • The spinach has to be blanched and has to be squeezed to remove the water content otherwise kebab may not hold its shape while deep frying.
  • Secondly, I have added corn flour and Suji  to the vegetable dough. both are important as they helps to absorb the moisture and binds it properly.
  • Tikkis are shallow fried to use less oil but you can deep fry them to better crispness and taste .For deep frying , keep oil on medium flame and deep fry until golden brown.If you deep fry tikkis over low flame, they will seprate in oil and if you deep fry them over high flame, they will turn brown immediately.
  • In addition to fresh vegetables, I have even added crumbled paneer. this helps to bind all the vegetables and obviously adds a great taste to kebab.

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